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Below are different videos depicting recipe demonstrations and presentations. You will find it most helpful to watch these videos to see how the blender operates and what for example you can do. Most importantly, please note, the blender does not know what you put into the jar. You will learn how to better blend by practice. There is always a little learning curve you can expect.

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The OMNI Blender is only 83.8 decibels (dB) noisy, which is not nearly as noisy as its other 3 hp competitors' high performance blenders. These are at 99dB to over 100 dB.

Compare your high performance blender.

Flour blended from Pinto Beans with the OMNI Blender in a OMNI Jar with OMNI multi-purpose blade on top of an OMNI V 3 hp blender.

We are simulating grains and wheat with white hard pinto beans, blending them into flour dust. 1 lb of pinto beans blended into flour / dust takes about 1 minute or less, depending on fine or grainy you might prefer the flour.

The OMNI V 3 hp blender with its multi-purpose blade and its pulse feature is ideal for making flour. The more you put into the container the better it works. No need to buy a 32 oz dry blade container or a wheat mill...depending on how much you plan on grinding. If you actually plan on blending flour a whole lot, like a couple times a week, I suggest you consider a wheat mill.

Wheat Grass Green Banana Smoothie

Blending up wheat grass should be done sparingly. Wheat grass is strong. Add a banana, small piece of carrot, baby spinach, and strawberries. The smoothie is great tasting and very refreshing. The use of the emergency tamper may not be necessary, depending on how you stack your ingredients in the blender container.

The Omni blender is a good 3 hp smoothie blender. Micronize your smoothie for 60 seconds or less. In the case of this smoothie, it took about 30 seconds to finish blending

Best Fruit Vegetable Smoothie

1 Orange, 1/2 carrot, 1 slice pineapple 1 inch thick, 1 banana, handful of greens (mixed - alas CostCo), 1/2 pint of blue berries, 1.5 cups of strawberries, 1 stick of celery, 1.5 cups of Mangosteen juice, 1 cup of ice.

Blend for 90 seconds using the OMNI 3 horsepower blender. You may need to use the emergency tamper stick just quickly and once only just to push down on the ingredients. (of course use tamper only with lid in place).

You may have heard already that celery is suggested to support your heart and blood pressure health (none of which is a FDA approved statement).

Hiding the rather strong taste of celery is tricky. This recipe hides the carrot, the greens leafy salad mix (romaine, etc...) and the celery completely. In addition, this super-antioxidant fruit and vegetable smoothie benefits likely diabetics, obese people and others with high blood pressure to loose weight. Diabetics, of course, watch your orange and banana... and your blood sugar level (just an idea...)

You will notice that the container does not leak. The lid was pushed onto the container tightly. This smoothie quantity yields easily 3 to 5 servings, subject to serving size between 10 fl oz and 16 fl oz.

Celery Undercover Smoothie

You may have wondered how one can cover up the strong tasting celery in a fruit and vegetable smoothie. Well, this is it pretty much. At the end there is still a little hint of celery noticeable, but the fruit and vegetable smoothie with apricots, banana, strawberries, pineapple, celery, spinach, blueberries, ice and water is pretty snifty tasting.

Instead of 90 second blending you may want to blend the whole apricots (2) within the whole smoothie content for 180 seconds instead to emulsify the hard to blend apricot pits. To the other hand, there is no FDA approved evidence anyway that apricot pits offer any kind of health benefit. Contrary however, apricot pits have been found to contain cyanide...

Please be careful with what some people suggest. Anything can be overdone. Always consult your own doctor before...

Covert Avocado Pit Smoothie

We all know that avocado pits or seeds taste horrible. I have really never been much of a fan of this avocado seed myth. Some people swear it is the healthiest thing. I have never found any scientific evidence and I don't dare making a health claim.

So folks, here you have it: The Covert Avocado Pit Smoothie with 1 orange, 1/2 avocado and 1 full fresh raw avocado pit, 2 apricots, large (farmer size) handful spinach, 2 cups of water, 2 cups of ice cubes, 1 stick of celery, blend for 90 seconds... And be surprised... it's really not tasting so bad. I had much worse in regards to avocado pits.

The OMNI 3 hp blender did a great job and blended like an ace. I dare anyone to come up with a better tasting avocado incognito smoothie

Thanks for watching


Cacao Banana Green Smoothie Recipe:

- handful of kale green leaves according to desire
- handful Chinese Goji Berries
- handful of coconut flakes
- 2 to 3 tsp cocoa powder
- 1/2 tsp nutmeg
- handful hazelnuts (organic and non-radiated).
- 1 banana, was frozen, and than thawed up (by accident) left peel on for lazy reason... not for nutritional value intentions
- handful of raspberries
- handful of cashew nuts
- 1 and 1/2 cups of water
- 1 cup of ice cubes
- blended with OMNI V 3 hp using the 60 seconds timer setting.
- no additional sweetener or sugar product was added.

The OMNI v 3 hp blender is vita-mix compatible.

Blending result was fantastic. My wife makes it better. I just threw the recipe together from what I remembered she put in. I give her that, she makes better smoothies than I. But it tasted great and filled my hunger.

What do you think, might this smoothie be good for diabetics, and/or to combat diabetes? I have heard from some diabetics that kale green leaves are fantastic. But I am not sure about the banana... this is worth a discussion.


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