Compare the Omni V Super Machine  

Best SUPER Power Smoothie Blender... $259 Free USA Shipping

What is the best 3 hp smoothie blender your money can buy?   How does the OMNI V 3 hp Smoothie Blender compare to those more expensive high power blenders that are demonstrated at Costco?   What's the difference?

In short: "Better, Best, Blends The Same... A Lot Less Money, It's the SUPER Blender!"

And in more detail:  The OMNI V High Performance Blending Machine is the best bang for your buck. It outperforms the quality of the Health Master Blender and is a better deal than what the Costco Blenders have to offer.

The OMNI SUPER BEST BLENDER is the best choice for health enthusiasts that intend to move to a healthier eating lifestyle. This Power Blender can grind down grains, beans, emulsify avocado seeds, apricot pits, and can liquify smoothies, hot soup, whip up nut butters, ice cream, sauces and hack all other ingredients into microscopic small phyto-nutrients.

The OMNI 3 hp  Smoothie Blender is better than these renowned high performance blending machine competitors because it does the same thing... and it costs a lot less money!

OK,  the OMNI does not run as noisy or as fast as others... For a lot less money it is much quieter and the motor runs cooler. This means that the motor has greater longevity too.

With about 10 seconds longer blending, this SUPER Power Blender blends all raw fruit and vegetable and nut or seed ingredients equally well and fine as the much, much more expensive competitor blenders sold at Costco.

The OMNI V cools more efficient.  It uses less electricity. This means also that it lasts longer...And we offer a 7 Year Warranty (Material and Labor).

Therefore, in conclReview of 3blenders.comusion: "It's the Best Blender, blends just as good as the expensive Costco blenders and it costs a lot less money"! So, its a better bang for the buck.


You are entitled to make the best possible purchasing decision for a high performance 3 hp blender. In our opinion the most important decision and comparison factors are:

  1. How well does the smoothie blender blend?

  2. How well does your Power Blending Machine hold up?

  3. How much does your Smoothie Machine cost?

  4. How good is the after-purchase service (Warranty, etc...)?

  5. Look online on Google for example to find out about "complaints", or about "problems" reported about your blender brand interest. Read what OMNI Power Blender customers say about the 3 hp OMNI Smoothie Machine.

The SUPER OMNI Blenders have been around since the mid 90's of the last century.  Competitors like Montel Health Master Blender, Ninja, Blendtec, or other Costco offered blenders are either crappy or too expensive. The OMNI Super Blend Master  is the best bang buck emulsifier.

"Better and Less Money"!

Comparing Competitor Power Blenders

Comparing Blendtec, Montel Williams Health Master blenders, Ninja, Kitchenaid, Cusineart, Bullet (Nutri Bullet or otherwise) and Hamilton Beach blenders with the OMNI Blender is simple.

The blender is either too crappy or too expensive. In the case of any of these, the will blend and then either break or never actually emulsify your phyto nutrients the way Blendtec and the other Costco- high-priced blenders do it. The OMNI is like a high-priced $500 bucks Power Monster Blender, only for half the price.


You are familiar with the high performance blending machine brands on the market. The OMNI V Blender competes extremely well with these other 2 hp and 3 hp smoothie blenders. And no, don't go with a 2 hp blender, it might not be strong enough to blend and break down all cell walls of your vegetable, fruit, nut, seed, and other ingredients. A 3 HP BLENDER increases the chances to blend your vegetarian ingredients down so they will release most phyto nutrients. Plus a 3 HP Blender, especially the Omni Power Blending Machine, will last longer.

The cost factor is significant, of course, and the $259 - Free Shipping for the OMNI V SUPER BEST Micro Blender is half the cost of those blenders that you can get at Costco.  A 3 hp high performance blender is far superior than a 1/4 hp blender that breaks just by looking at it (so to speak). Competing 3 hp smoothie super blender brands in the green raw smoothie blenders market cost between $500 to $600+. The OMNI Emulsifier Smoothie Machine is only $ 259.00 with free shipping. And the OMNI comes with a 7 year warranty, covering material and labor on the motor.

The after-purchase Service - How to purchase a High Performance Blending Machine

This is pretty important to every customer, and to us as well. You can tell right away if service is likely to be good or if it's going to be a pain. Just listen to the pre-purchase service and see for yourself how much time the sales person is willing to spend with you by phone. You will know how you will be treated after the purchase. Take your time! Don't let the sales person push you to the buying decision. Never buy on your first call.

And that pretty much sums it up.

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