Efficient Blender Motor Performance

The OMNI 3 Horsepower Carbon Brush self-compensating motor is super energy efficient!   SHOP FOR YOUR BLENDER

  • Quieter than the competitor's high performance blender
  • Lasts longer because it cools better
  • Optimized 3 horsepower Power Blender Motor.
  • Consumes less electricity
  • Does not overheat
  • Operates at 85 dB without the sound enclosure and has greater longevity and duration than the more expensive competitors

The OMNI High Performance Blender has a 3 horsepower carbon brush motor. The power is floating (self-compensating). OMNI has engineered the OMNI smoothie blender with a 3 hp motor that is energy efficient and optimized for the most efficient power usage, blending strength, noise, durability, and endurance. This is completely different from a common FAN Blender Motor, which has a steady power.

The Overload-Fault Protection is important because it will protect the motor against over-load damage. Competitors’ blenders with 2 hp motors and 3 hp motors are not equipped with this new technology overload switch but have an overheat protection thermo switch only. With them, if the motor reaches a certain temperature (too hot), the motor shuts off and you have to wait for the motor to cool down before you can use it again. This sometimes can cause several minutes of blending interruption. The OMNI blender to the other hand, can continue blending without waiting. Just simply and quickly reset the Overload switch on the back of the blender and you are good to go.

The OMNI Blender motor itself is a 3 horsepower motor. The highest power at 2238 Watts can only be measured when the motor shuts down due to overload or when it spikes when turned on. But the motor is electronically throttled down, controlled by a operation control circuit board (the brains). This manages the OMNI blender's power, cooling, blending, noise level, consumption, and longevity optimally, as of "OPTIMIZED".

And, as you have read already plenty of times, The OMNI V Blender costs only $259.00 FREE SHIPPING  "Same Thing..., Less Money!"

According to Underwriters Laboratory (UL), they have never before in this market seen this kind of a Blender Motor technology in other high performance blending machines. OMNI is a leader of its own with this new Blender Motor Technology!

Any questions, email us or call (801) 623-3225(801) 623-3225.

The OMNI Motor has an improved cooling system and it is significantly quieter (85dB) than its 99 dB to 100+ decibel (dB) loud competitors' blenders (also in the 3 hp blender category). This noise difference in the OMNI blender is because it runs as fast as it needs too to blend and micronize all the ingredients, turning slightly slower in RPM's. This also means that it cools more efficiently, it is in other words optimized for perfect blending performance, not too noisy, more efficient cooling, and power efficient.  SEE VIDEO

You get the same blending micronization results and smoothie texture as with its double-priced $$$$ competitors. In our opinion, the end  result matters the most which directly associates with cost. That is why the OMNI V blender represents the best bang for the buck.

In order to decide for the best blender, you don't have to buy the most expensive one (anymore). The OMNI smoothie blender costs only $279.00 free USA Shipping. See the videos to get some reasonable idea of what the OMNI blender can do.

RPM claims...

What ever the competitors are claiming, the OMNI 3 hp blender is the same, same power, actually more durable, same blending, if not better, and a lot less money. But let's explain that actually none of these blue sky out-of space statements about RPM's are true, or can be true. Or at least the 36,000 revolutions per minute fantastic RPM claims are meant to confuse consumers and are designed to create the appearance of some marketing advantage over others. It's all hype. Let me explain:

Most high performance blender manufacturers are claiming that their blender blade has between 28,000 to 48,000 revolutions per minute (RPM). Let us assume that the average of 2 to 3 hp blenders therefore has about 36,000 revolutions. Here is an argument that likely suggests that this RPM claim in the 30's or 40's thousand is total bogus. If the blade is supposedly turning 36,000 times in a minute, this means that every second it turns 600 revolutions.

Let's count 1 second: "One-One-Thousand". Yeah,... exactly, the time it takes for you to say "one-one-thousand" represents a legal official second. Can you believe that we consumers are expected to believe that a blender blade turns 600 times in 1 second? Look at it again, be it any blender competitor. In our opinion, it is just not credible, unless a factory can proof it. Show us how...

And how does the OMNI blender compare in RPM's to its competitors? It  runs the same amount of revolutions as its competitors.  It blends the same, it lasts longer, it runs quieter, and you can make hot soup, pulverize ice cubes or an avocado pit, etc... Well, it is definitely more than fast enough to blend your hand should anyone actually be crazy enough to put their hand into the jar during blending. The OMNI blender runs very powerful and efficiently fast to micronize all ingredients into the finest smoothie. It is not as noisy, runs efficiently, therefore cooler, and therefore is expected to last longer than most other blenders, even those blenders that cost twice as much, at Costco and so on...

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OMNI V 3 hp Blender Motor Housing

This is the top of the OMNI 3 hp blender housing. The rubber cushion has been already removed. You see the 4 brackets that hold the rubber cushion. Within these 4 brackets are each 1 screw. Loosen the screws / remove them to access the motor compartment / bottom of the motor to access the cooling fan. In order to access the top of the motor, you need to remove the drive socket. Of course, this should only be done by an OMNI authorized service agent, otherwise it will void the warranty. But we are just saying, should somebody remove the housing to access the motor...hypothetically speaking.

There are 12 radial cooling vanes on the fan, as can be seen on the picture to the left. The motor is below.

There are 4 chambers on the bottom of the OMNI blender motor housing

This is another view of the motor housing and cooling chambers in the OMNI V 3 hp blender. Please remember what we said before. The OMNI cools very efficiently, it runs quieter, and with its 3 hp motor it is certainly a very strong blender, capable of blending your fruit and vegetable ingredients, even the toughest, into fine smoothie / texture.

The Omni Blender Motor is Extremely Robust!

But you can kill and destroy anything if you don't take good care of it.

Blending around dirty and soiled counter tops surfaces will shorten the life of your Super Blender. The motor has carbon brushes. They wear down significantly faster when you expose your blender to a dirty counter top or work environment. Food particles get sucked into the motor. And then you are creating a perfect nest even for insects to live inside of your blender, possibly.

The motor is trying too hard to get over the debris that you sucked into it which can result in premature motor wear, bearing wear, carbon brush wear,... bottom line, before you know it the motor is not running strong anymore and you are giving us a call for a warranty claim. Just so you know it, and we are clear about it, this type of wear and tear that you create yourself can be avoided and prevented by cleaning your counter top before and after blending and always wiping down the blender, and especially keeping your work area free from water.

This type of breakage is not covered under warranty. If it were, it would not be fair. Don't you agree?

See the pictures to the side and below to give you some idea of what we are talking about. So please, if you care about your blender investment, keep it clean. If you send it in for warranty because it broke, we are going to open up the blender and we are able to see even water stains.

Regarding water stains, and sucking in water into your blender, you can't believe it, this motor is built so robust that even after sucking in water, in most cases, we can still get the motor running again. Simply take a hair blower and direct the hot air into the motor housing through one of the bottom air cooling vents for a few minutes.

This is what worn down carbon brushes look like after exposure to dirt on the motor.

Usually blenders that are dirty and soiled inside also look like this on the outside. If your blender looks like this on the outside, we can almost guarantee you that on the inside it will look like the picture below. And guess what's happening to the carbon brushes? They are grinding against the dirt that you sucked into the motor and wearing down quickly thus weakening the motor and shortening its life. That is why it is important that your work space is always clean. It will also help to wipe down the blender housing every time after usage.

The sight of insects inside of your blender must make you feel really pleasant. Imagine... And we leave it by that.

In this picture you can see the dust from the carbon brush wear.

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