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Do you want to buy an additional blender blade cutting unit / blade assembly?

If you are done with your OMNI V blender purchase and have not included an extra spare blade, you can add it now and it won't cost you a penny for shipping.

Do you need a spare blade? Likely not. They just don't break a lot. If they do break, it has something likely to do with the inner-ceramic seal that wears out prematurely and causes a seizing up of the bearings.

The blade assembly is inexpensive and convenient to have, just in case your blade, even if covered under warranty (1 Year), seizes up. This way you can cut down your down-time. So we stocked up, in preparation for breakages to cover the blades under warranty. And what happened? ...very few defect reports (less than 1% in fact). And now we are sitting on WAY TOO MANY blades and bottom plates. We want to eliminate this over-stock and therefore have reduced the price for you by over $20 bucks plus added free shipping.



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