We are working on a new referral and dealer program for our Alterna Jars. Please come back again to check our progress. We are looking for distributors globally.

Earn nearly 20% commission. Call to find out more (801) 623-3225(801) 623-3225

Do you want to earn a referral fee or do you want to be a dealer?

There are a few options about earning some cash back with the OMNI Blender. If you are a dealer who is already selling blenders or related  health and food ingredient products such as wheat grass kits, nuts, smoothie ingredients, dehydrators, rebounders, have a fitness center or health clinic, yoga center, massage parlor or chiropractic center, and the OMNI Blender fits into your product offering, then go here to read more about becoming a dealer. Dealers have their own method (ie merchant gateway account) to charge credit cards. Once a sale is made, a dealer then purchases the blender/product from us for a wholesale price.

There are two ways to earn a referral fee. One is you can do it as a business or for the occasion (friends, family, etc...). We can give you a discount on a second blender purchase in form of a credit towards the "2nd" purchase, or you could receive a gift from us (blade, sparepart kit, jar...- subject to change and subject to $ amount). If you want to receive cash for your referral, we can send you up to $30 in form of check after 60 days of the purchase that occurred through your effort. We don't have an automated Affiliate/Commission program. So you need to tell us about the referral at the time of the sale. We then manually process the referral. The wait of 60 days is because of a potential blender return within 30 days and because we want to avoid charge-backs as well.

Blender Banners to download for promoting the OMNI Blender

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More blender pictures to download, please click here (Go to Dealers Page)

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