Dealers and Affiliates Program

We offer resellers and dealers as well as larger distributors the opportunity to dive into the aftermarket blender container and blades industry and with us together make a bundle. Dealers, please contact us by phone 801-623-3225 or by email We will send you a price sheet. Mostly we are gearing towards large quantities to sold and distributed in the 200 / 500 / and 1000 pieces each. Sure, we are interested in 50 and 20 piece retail reseller orders as well. But you will find your profit margins are not as attractive of course. The market is huge in the blender jar aftermarket industry. Between brands like Blendtec, Waring, Vitamix, and all the other little knock-offs etc..., globally we have found there are easy over 100 million blenders within among these specific brands. Our aftermarket blender jar focuses on this specific market. We are better, faster, cheaper everywhere. And our blade assembly can be removed, a big advantage over an authentic Blendtec container.

Affiliates, there are two choices you have, or you can work with both affiliate programs. One is ReferralCandy and the other one that we work with and have integrated into our shopify shopping cart is with Affiliatly. In general, we are paying 20% commission, ReferralCandy is 20% before the shipping cost, and Affiliatly is really more than 20% if we deduct the $10 shipping cost included in the so-called "free shipping" price.

Affiliates make more money if they work in international markets outside of the USA. This is because our target ideal markets are in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil, Argentine, Middle East, and the entire South East Asian Rim. We do not like to sell to Russia nor deal with Russian nationals or Nigerians for high - risk fraud reasons (sorry).

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Here are some pictures to which you are welcome to download for advertising reasons. The images are under copyright and owned by aka 123Vita LLC or Alternajar / Alterna Blender Jar LLC. We reserve the right to retract this user right at any time for any reason and anyone at our discretion without giving notice. Alterna Jar is registered Trademark owned by 123Vita LLC.
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