Noise Reduction Cover For the Blendtec ® Blenders

The Sound Enclosure box (aka Noise Cover Top) fits perfectly most Blendtec Blenders. The Classic Series (Total Blender, EZ Blender, HP3A), the Professional Series (Connoisseur and the Tom Dickson Extreme blenders) fit into the OMNISHIELD ™ Sound Box easily and neatly. This is regardless of whether you use the WildSide® jar or the FourSide™ jar on your Blendtec Blender. The Designer Series™ Blenders and the Signature Series™ might need minor leg or footprint adjustment (call us (801) 623-3225(801) 623-3225 to discuss questions. Other blender brands may fit as well. The height of the combination jar and blender is critical. It needs to be no higher than 17.5 inches tall. (More Info...)

$130.00 USD - 7 Year Warranty - FREE USA Shipping!

Why a Sound Enclosure Box?

The noise reduction of the OMNISHIELD cover is at least 50%. We have measured the noise level of the Total Blender Classic Series between 95 to 105 dB. The Tom Disckon Extreme (aka ICB7 or 20 AMP) blenders have been measured little noiser. Now, this is not say that there is something wrong with the Blenders. The OMNI Blender itself, also a 3 hp Blender is noisy, however at only 85 dB, and that is altogether a different story as to why that is (read here). But the point I am making is that powerful blenders are loud, sometimes noisier. Thus, a Noise Reduction Cover or Sound Enclosure Box comes in handy, for either residential kitchen use or restaurant applications. Especially children and elderly people with sensitive hearing or hearing aid, and guest in smoothie bars and coffee shops are often affected by the noise of smoothie blending. Detailed Information

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Sound Cover Description

Dimensions are 11 inches wide, 12 inches deep (with handle), and 18.25 inches tall. The sound enclosure opens up to the top and needs a clearance of about 26 inches from counter-top to cabinet above. Our sound enclosure noise muffler "OMNISHIELD" weighs 6 lbs (pounds) / 2.7 kg. It is made from an industrial polycarbonate food-grade kind material and it carries a 7 year manufacturers warranty. At the rear of the Sound Enclosure Box is a cord plug cover, which you may have to leave off, depending on what your Blendtec warranty and motor cooling instructions require.


You should consult such and then make your own discretionary decision. If more ventilation is needed, such holes can at your own and sole discretion be drilled on the bottom of the sound enclosure box. Blendtec has not authorized this offer and has no part in it, or is neither associated or affiliated with us in any way whatsoever. Although the JTC OMNISHIELD Sound Enclosure Box is made with the intention to fit exclusively the JTC OMNIBLEND 3 horsepower blender series, which is distributed in the USA by OMNIBLEND.COM LLC of USA exclusively, it just so happens that many other blenders can easily be fitted into the Sound Reduction Cover just as easily.

For more questions, please call us today at (801) 623-3225(801) 623-3225

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