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3 hp motor, 7 year warranty, 30 day money back guaranty-return policy, now comes with the BPA-FREE Copolyester Eastman-Tritan(TM) containers/ jars; the best on the market, best price for the most powerful blender, free shipping, free recipe book. Top off your blending experience with a sound enclosure. Only powerful blenders make the best smoothies. Powerful blenders are noisy, and noisy blenders need a muffler.

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Omni Blender TM-800A Schematics

Omni Blender Descriptions

Motor Power

Our OMNI Super Emulsifier features a 3 horsepower motor that is the most efficient and most quiet motor in its class on the market. It lasts longer than its competitors' motors, runs cooler, saves electricity, is quiet, and pulverizes the most amazing smoothies, hot soups, salsas, sauces, purees, all from your fresh and raw fruits and vegetables. More details...

Operating System

The OMNI V 3 hp super blender blends, it can, emulsify, pulverize, micronize, process or juice your raw food vegetables and fruits, green leafs, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, broccoli, grind beans, wheat, ice cubes, and so much more, even aluminum cans.

On/Off Switch - Plug in, turn the power to ON, the light will go on and indicate that the blender is ready for pulverizing your vegetables.

Speed Controls - This super blender is equipped with 3 speed controls, LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH Speed. When selecting the Medium speed, the blending process will start on LOW, and automatically move up to MEDIUM about 2 seconds later. When selecting HIGH Speed, the emulsifying action commences on LOW, move up to MEDIUM, and then proceeds to HIGH speed. This simulates the blender turning knob manual operation. With the OMNI you do not need to worry. Just put in your raw smoothie ingredients, and let the blender do it for you. Any of these settings will run until you turn off the blender.

Timer Settings - Second row down, the blender features from left to right 3 timer selection programs, starting with the 35 SECOND button, then the 60 SECOND button, and the 90 SECOND button. If you have a timed blending project, you can quickly set the timer and the blender will turn off automatically after the smoothie or your otherwise healthy vegetable concoction is completely pulverized. The 60 SECOND feature has 1 quick built-in stop and the 90 SECOND program features 2 of these brief intermission stops. These intermissions allow your ingredients to sink back down to the center of the jar. Blending will commence automatically.

Pulse Button -  Pulse feature is always on high. Give your smoothie ingredients a quick burst. This is great for chopping down large and bulkier ingredients, so quasi for a pre-blend pre-emulsification... It is also great for making dough or nut butters. Hack down big broccoli pieces or almond nuts, shred them to a finer grade and consume them little larger...


- Regular blender package to above left, for $ 240 in black, red, or white, including free shipping includes 1 Jar / Container (BPA-FREE Jar included). The jar comes with rubber lid and cutting unit / aka blade assembly. Or you can get the OMNI Blender for $325.00 including free shipping in the USA with 2 Jars, of which each jar comes with its own cutting unit / blade assembly and lid. Note, the 2 Jar package has the elongated new advanced blade unit installed in both jar.

Yes, the multi-purpose (dry/wet) container also fits on other blender brands/makes. If you find such a use or fit, such fit, in itself is not prohibited. But please be aware that a competitor's warranty may be affected by it. However, the OMNI Jar is a better quality jar, material-wise, and you will be surprised to find out how many different blender makes and brands this jar could be used with.

Tamper -  The tamper / emergency stick is, as the name reveals, for emergencies, or in other words, for "JUST IN CASE". Such a JUST-IN-CASE situation could be that the blades are turning like crazy, but the ingredients are not going down and just need a little push to get them into the blending process vortex or smoothie swirling. Once the smoothie is swirling, there is no need for the tamper stick. You will find that this is just a seldom event. And the main design of the tamper stick is primarily to help you avoid using a spoon, fork or some other otherwise dangerous device, or in other words, a device that could turn dangerous should you try to stick it into the jar while the blender blades are turning at 200 miles per hour (MPH). EXTREME CAUTION IS WARRANTED! - It is important that you use the tamper only with the lid in place, by popping out the little 1 inch round plastic cap first, and then inserting the tamper stick.

Drive Socket

The Drive Socket sits on top of the motor axle. It is designed to withstand lots of torque. One of its special feature is, if the there is too much torque against the motor, because of sudden resistance or instant blockage (something is obstructing the blade from turning), the drive socket is designed to take the energy to protect the motor. This will cause the drive socket to strip where it sits on the motor axle. This can also happen when over time the user operates the OMNI blender with a blade cutting unit that has a bearing issue. Blades wear out, and just like with your car or bicycle, everything requires maintenance. A faulty blade bearing will not turn freely and can over time cause the drive socket to strip. Not to worry. The drive socket is very inexpensive and it is easy to change. If it breaks due to a defect, it is under warranty. - see video

Blade / Cutting Unit - The Blade assembly consists of the blades inside the jar and the entire complete unit including the bearings, and the drive gear that connects to the drive socket on top of the blender housing when you place the jar (the blade inside the jar) on top of the blender with your raw ingredients ready for pulverizing them. Please note, these blades are turning so fast, and are so extremely sharp when turning fast, and the blender is so powerful, keep hands out of the jar at all times, and children away!!!!

The Blades are designed to grind wheat, grain, beans, ice and blend or pulverize vegetables and fruits, potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli, etc.... so much more. That is why we are calling them also 'wet' and 'dry' blades, because they are designed to blend wet and dry ingredients. These stainless steel blades are all-purpose blades, meaning you can blend dry grains into flour or pulverize avocado pits into mush and liquify vegetables into hot soup, or crush ice, all with one blade assembly and in one and the same blender container. Caution, the blades are very sharp. Never stick your hand into the jar during operation. Unthinkable injury and/or dismemberment can occur.

Yes, the blade assembly fits into other branded jars as well. The mere fact, in itself, is not prohibited. An interchangeable application / or use might however affect the warranty of your other-brand blender.

Overload Reset Switch -Instead of equipped with an inferior thermo-switch, the OMNI Super Blender has a superior high-tech overload protection fault / switch system... at the bottom under the blender housing. This protection reset overload switch enables the blender to run regardless of heat or temperature of the motor, that is actually because the OMNI Blender does not over-heat. The motor could run infinitely without stopping. It does not get hot or overheat, nor even get close to a critical over-heating temperature. Do not confuse this with the heat of the blade assembly that turns hot through friction and becomes a heating element so you can cook hot soup with your blender.

This reset switch is there to protect the motor from an overload surge coming from your outlet power supply. Or it also causes at times to shut off the motor if there is too much torque, "overloading it" literally. The Overload reset switch is a practical feature. It allows you to run your blender as long as you want to. If the breaker / overload turns the power supply off, simply just reset by depressing the button on the bottom on, and turn on the blender again and keep blending. You need to unplug the cable from the outlet before you push the resent button.

CALL (801) 623-3225(801) 623-3225

OMNI Blender with Omni SHIELD - Sound Enclosure Box (Shield $ 115)

The Omni 3 horsepower blender is not nearly as noisy as its higher-priced competitors. At about 20% quieter running, many customers are perfectly fine with blending their smoothies without a sound enclosure cover. Some customers however do like to purchase this great package. The OMNI SHIELD Sound Cover is greatly discounted in this package at a total USD $350.00 including Free Shipping USA.

The Sound Enclosure Cover will reduce the noise level by at least an additional 50% of the already much quieter Omni 3 hp blender. You need to consider a 12" wide x 14" deep x 18" high inches space requirement. The sound enclosure opens up to the top another 10 inches of top of the 18" height..

You will get the OMNI blender with tamper, free recipe book, and the sound enclosure box, all with a 7 year warranty on blender and sound box (1 Yr on Jar and Blade).

The Jar is BPA-FREE and it has already the latest elongated optimized blade cutting unit installed that will enhance blending quality over the previous blade unit. Consider this package for $350.00 USD;  Free USA Shipping.