Lose Weight with Breakfast Smoothies


Losing weight has been the toughest thing for ever. Of course it is hard especially with today's processed food offerings, fast food, sugars everywhere, and everything has to go 'fast, fast, fast'. Our bodies get sick and then don't work well anymore. So we add on extra weight and that makes us sicker.

Why considering the idea of breakfast smoothies and losing weight that way? In the morning, when you start your day, you are just barely breaking your fast. During the fast, the body cleanses itself and then gets rid of the waste in the morning. The last thing you want to do is have a heavy breakfast. And what better way is there to make yourself a healthful good tasting vegetable and fruit smoothie than with a powerful blender? Fruits and vegetables will help you with your early morning cleansing process while eggs, ham and bacon clog up your system.

Smoothies are an excellent way to promote weight loss. Many smoothie recipes call for a number of fruits and vegetables, which are otherwise hard to incorporate into a diet.  If you know you need more raw fruits and veggies, but have a hard time getting the needed servings, smoothies help. Also, having smoothies for breakfast makes certain that you get breakfast.  Increasingly, studies show that weight gain in both children and adults correlates to a lack of regular breakfast consumption.     

But when you’re racing out the door with your brain running ten steps ahead of your feet, and the curling iron is barely cooled when you’re unlocking the car door, breakfast doesn’t seem like something you can fit into your schedule

The Right Type of Fast Food

Smoothies are a blend-and-go meal.  They can be transferred into a cold Thermos, or one of those oh-so-chic plastic iced drink bottles that come complete with straw.  Blend, pour, and slurp while roaring around the corner and off to work. They are versatile, and there are many new and amazing recipes to try. You can even get creative with your smoothie recipes, spending time on your weekend deciding what fruit combination you like to try--or not.  You don’t have to be a dedicated cook or raw smoothies expert.  

When you get the recipes that you like best down to memory, you certainly won’t be skipping breakfast again.  A smoothie fresh-poured from your blender is more than a jumble of fruits, veggies and ice.  You can add all sorts of protein or energy powders. There are even some more exotic flavors for you to try.  Additionally, there’s a good bet that the more you stray from your ordinary fruits and vegetables, the greater nutritional value you’ll be receiving.

Add Protein and Vitamins

After all, if you’re trying to lose weight, the issue at hand is to achieve the proper nutritional balance.  Your body may be over nourished or malnourished.  Being certain that you obtain the fruits and vegetables lacking from your overall diet--and having breakfast--will permit your body to begin breaking down lipids. 

Healthfully and naturally, you can enjoy the flavor of the vegetable and fruit raw smoothies. Just remember that making smoothies every morning is like embarking on a new weight-loss adventure.  You are seeking out the unfamiliar, to create a drink that pleases your sense of taste, while also delivering the protein, vitamins, and calories required by a new weight-loss regimen.

Low Calorie, High Nutrient Value

Smoothies have few calories per cup, but can be quite filling.  Most smoothie recipes require milk, yogurt, and soy or almond milk to be combined with a variety of ingredients.  The dairy or faux-dairy base provides the underlying protein.  Meanwhile adding a whole apple or banana, plus a quarter cup fresh raspberries and fresh-squeezed orange juice guarantees that you get more than one serving of fruit.  If you crave sweets, raw smoothies can fill that urge and make it easier to resist the mid-afternoon candy bar.

With smoothies, you can allow yourself to have chocolate in the morning.   Add a chocolate sauce or powder to almond milk, a whole banana and ice and you have a scrumptious smoothie to start your day.  You can make them tart, or sweet, and you don’t need to add sugar.

Craving Sweets? Natural Sugars Help

Fruits have a lot of natural sugars, but they don’t have the levels of fat we find in candy.  You can get the same sugar fix while giving your body what it needs.  When your body does get the proper nutrition, it will work more effectively.  This includes digestion, and thus with the processing of fat and sugars altered, you will begin to lose weight. 

While you need to adjust your lunch, dinner and snacking plans to also achieve weight loss, drinking smoothies in the morning can assist you in keeping to your chosen diet.  The burst of energy in the morning can help you manage cravings for the whole day. 

Smoothies: One Ingredient in Your Weight-Loss Plan

Your ability to keep to your diet will reinforce a positive self-image that can help you maintain your goals--including the exercise objectives.  Energy maintenance in morning, afternoon and evening will help you to break out of old habits and develop a new routine. 

Weight loss programs can be unnecessarily complicated.  However, starting off your day with the right nutrients in a raw smoothie could help you achieve the necessary balance and energy for weight-loss success.

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