Spirituality and Wellness

More consumers are looking for wellness. Lifestyle changes follow and according to professional experience, leads to spirituality. Or people have their spirituality already by the time the start blending and juice feasting. Either way, it has been noticed, in the blender for raw smoothie business, blender purchases are made at least at about 99% of a time by good people.

It is risky to profile spirituality based on wellness-seeking habits. Otherwise, all those fat hungry slobs, cancer patients, and people with obvious serious lack of exercise are automatically doomed nonspiritual, including myself. It is quite not so. Looking for improvement alone is the spark of spirituality. The discussion could now touch on also the question why perhaps good and spiritual people often live very long, healthy and prosperous (unless martyred by mobs prematurely), and not so spiritual people die of drug-overdose, lung cancer, liver break down due alcohol, etc... Does spirituality really have something to do with healthier living?

The spirituality in a person creates the desire for healthy living. Spirituality does not support self-destructive behavior. And spirituality goes also along with one’s life’s ups and downs. When you are down, you become humble and meek (eventually and hopefully). And when becoming meek and receptive to the Spirit of God, all sorts of fun new changes, in a good sort-of-way will start taking place. And the cycle completes, once better and spiritually as well as physically prospering kicks in. But one tends to forget God very quickly and the spirituality goes with it as fast as one forgets to thank God for good and for the bad times.

Because of spiritual changes, it is why many are becoming nowadays so anxious to get their own do-it-yourself smoothie power blender. The spirituality influences them to make changes in respect to food and activity habits. And visa versus, living healthier will also bring more spirituality to one’s life. Either way, and whichever (egg or chicken) may come first, spirituality and good raw smoothies are inseparable.

All a lifestyle change needs is the glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel. Changing one’s lifestyle is not as easy as chicken soup. And by the way, chickens don’t even pee, pork does not sweat, and beef is over-loaded with hormones, etc… Toxins are basically consumed by the human carnivores. The most difficult issue in a lifestyle change is breaking the bad habit, seeing the light of the end of the tunnel of eating too much "bad" and "not doing enough good" for yourself. Whether your chicken, pork, and beef is a spiritual metaphor or an actual food habit, it is all the same. The spirit needs to be detoxed and so does the body. We can eat bad both ways. You can feed yourself bad spirituality, namely the lack of it, and you can also feed yourself junk food. And 'they' still call that junk 'nutrition'.

Here is an example: Emails received from wanting and needy consumers clearly manifested frustration and hopeless despair and agony in ones family life. It sounded like a single mom having to run her children all over town, taking care of the home, working for money when ever possible and the financial responsibility was overwhelmingly impossible to meet. The consumer said that she wants a high powered blender but cannot afford one. What if one in similar situation would consider just giving up some of the too many runs, set priorities differently and have their values newly evaluated? Sometimes it helps to step back for a good reevaluation of how tall the wall is that needs climbing or even redirect by 180 degrees. Giving up is not so bad either, especially if that is something worth-while giving up for something more of Eternal or Spiritual Value.

Spirituality is the key to a healthier lifestyle. And spirituality cannot be achieved by ignoring one’s need to feed. Can a body live on toxins? Can a neglected body harbor the Spirit of God? The word ‘neglected’ in this context means merrily that one does simply not care about healthy living and physical wellness. But one that cares, one that has even the slightest glimpse of hope for a better lifestyle, he or she will gain more spirituality gradually more and more until they see themselves drinking a healthy Smoothie every day. It becomes a new habit through spirituality.

And really, it does not even have to be a raw green smoothie. You could consider dehydrating your fruit, and start eating more at home instead of fast food outside of your home. The smoothie lifestyle is just an example. It could be a fresh raw fruit or a spoon of flax chewed, topped with a Good Book and friendly company, the visit to a sanctuary, the Zoo, or your Church. It could take place on a stroll in the park, holding your spouse’s hand and kicking ball with your children. Bottom line, the good life starts with carrying and desiring a better lifestyle. Spirituality is the one thing that is required in order to see it and find it necessary so you want to change. Again, spirituality and the smoothie-style life are inseparable.

Nobody should feel they have to master all by themselves. That is really where spirituality and God comes into place. If you are looking for a better life then you are already into spirituality. And if you are not yet considering a healthier living, maybe you should consider directing your life towards 'better'. In very difficult times, don't feel hesitant to share some of your burdens with God and let Him take over for a moment. A little Faith has nobody ever hurt. That is all God is hoping for to get from us. We have Him at "hello". He is just there right next to you, waiting for you to turn to him.

by Thomas Fox  (C) (4-2011)