Dieting with Smoothies

Lots of people enjoy easy dieting and are searching for healthy and quick weight-loss solutions.  Healthy and quick does not go together well. I hate to break it to you, there are no short cuts to a healthier lifestyle and especially to loosing weight.

You could starve yourself with too little food and accomplish some weight loss, of course, which is not healthy at all. Drinking raw vegetable and/or fruit smoothies all in good measures, can certainly help a lot, especially when that means that your daily hamburger intake is being reduced to one only once a month or perhaps never again.

What can a green smoothie do for you? I don't have all the answers and I am not a nutritionist or physician. There you have it. I can only share with you what my experience is. I am 220 pounds. -see the fat guy with the beard to the left, that is me.

I have had this weight with 5' 8" height for over 5 years. I started gaining through desk jobs, less activity and also depression. During my chemo and radiation therapy I went down to 185 pounds. Those were the recent weight-glory days. Although, loosing weight as a result to cancer therapy is not recommended. But its the positive thing when considering the difficulties cancer patients experience anyway. Picture right, you see my family with Vicente Fox (Former Mexican President). Compared to his height and being skinny, I am short(er) and fat(er). - Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy! Apparently no family resemblance, right?

About Dieting with Smoothies

I am going to write about my common sense experience of how hard or easy it is drinking smoothies in respect to my goal to loose weight and manage it and at the same time to be healthier. Look at me to the left above. I look like a fat pig. I try to cope with my obesity. I even try to tell myself that this is who I am.

First I am going to discuss the easy over-portioning when making a smoothie. You too may have felt bad guaranteed at least once in your life when you had to throw away some food. In fact, I am willing to bet that you did not throw it away but you squirted the food down into your belly. You argued "it is just a little leftover, I don't want it to go to waste; Or think of the many hungry children". Instead it went to your waist. The same thing can happen when making smoothies. It is very easy to make too big portions. Learning to portioning correctly is especially key with your smoothie raw diet. And a smoothie is going to be even more powerful when over-feeding with it because it is far greater enriched with nutrients than a regular un-blended meal.

It is not as easy as looking at your regular diet and put the same amounts into your blender and just blend it up. For example, if your lunch would consist of a whole banana, 1 apple,  1 orange, and 1 carrot, by the time you put all these ingredients into your 3 hp high performance OMNI blender for your smoothie dose, you would guarantee yourself some hefty over-portioning. Instead, use 1/2 banana, 1/2 apple, 1/2 orange, 1/2 carrot and 1 cup of water. You will end up with about 30 fl oz of smoothie, far more than already plenty. I hope this makes sense. And of course, you just need to learn to make your right size smoothies.

Why would a whole apple, orange, banana, and 1 carrot just barely fill you while when blending 1/2 that food into a smoothie could actually over-fill you? During the blending process with a high performance smoothie blender, the cell walls of the ingredients get microscopically broken apart. In other words, it is a pre-digestive process, much more efficient than your teeth and your saliva could accomplish in the same time. As a result, the emulsified ingredients are absorbed faster and more thoroughly. I don't know what the percentage difference of absorption between the two meal intake processes are. In theory it makes sense, but it would require a scientifically performed study to know for sure what the portion difference is. The emulsified ingredients in the fruit and vegetable smoothie release also much more phyto-nutrients into your blood stream. In addition you can experience all 100 % or nearly 100% of fibers and natural fruit sugars with your smoothie.

Yes, you got it, NO SUGAR is needed. I am from Austria originally - came here to the USA in the 90's to live the American Dream. The first thing I could smell at the JFK Airport, when entering the Airport through Customs, were the French Fries and the Sugary - Sweet meals and treats. The Airport smelled like a saturated fat candy factory to me. Well, back then I had a waist size 30. Today I have difficulties staying below waist size 38. I can't say that the smoothie-diet helps me loose weight fast. I have noticed that one large smoothie portion like one mentioned above can keep my hunger and cravings under control for at least 6 hours (in my case).

I hope this little story gives you some ideas of what you might want to do in respect to your green raw vegetable and fruit smoothie dieting. My common sense tells me that a healthy medium between eating well, nothing for breakfast, just lots of pure water, then a good hot smoothie-soup with seaweed for lunch, and a green smoothie for a 5 o'clock dinner will suffice. Of course a daily walk of at least 1 mile and lots of raw-fresh air between pencil pushing and steering wheel pulling may help you with your weight loss goal.

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