Limited 7 Year Warranty Coverage Residential Use

Warranty for the Omni Blender that we used to sell. Although we are no longer selling the Omni Blender, this warranty is still applicable for the Omni blender and it's jars and blades. But it is not valid, or the same warranty as the one covering the Alterna Jar. For the Alterna Jar and Blade, please click here.

Entered 3/25/2015:   Starting April 1, 2015, all warranty services on Blender Motors and Blender operating systems is suspended because we are no longer selling the OMNI Blender, aka JTC OMNIBLEND models. We are however going to be in possession of blades and a limited supply of drive sockets. We are also no longer going to carry the JTC Blender jars. We are making an after-market jar that will fit the Omni Blender, which is going to come out later this year. Any questions? Please feel free to contact us.

About Warranty how it used to be up until March 31, 2015:

Basic Warranty rule: If we are the cause of a problem, we will fix it. If the customer is the cause of a problem, we expect the customer(s) to be honest enough to bear the cost of the repair or replacement. Blessings from Heaven shall be upon all those that respect and appreciate our effort to bring a $ 500 blender to the market for half the price.

This "LIMITED" War
ranty covers the OMNI Blender motor housing, its motor, and keypad-operating instrumentation, container, blade, and drive socket excluded, for 7 years household use from the date of purchase, and 1 year for commercial use.

7 Years limited Warranty also covers the OMNI SHIELD SOUND ENCLOSURE BOX Material against defect related breakage (wear and tear not included) and 3 years commercial use.

The blade unit (cutting knife) by itself and/or installed in the jar is covered for 1 year  on household use and 3 months for commercial use - see details below.

Commercial Use (limited) Warranty for the OMNI Blender Motor is 1 Year, for the Blade and Jar is 3 months, and the Omni Shield Sound Box is 3 years. If you are a restaurant, please do not try to abuse our trusting nature. We always find out anyway, and if we have been deceived, we will at our option void your entire warranty. Our prices are extremely low. Only if our customers are all fair with us as well, can we continue serving all industry areas equitably with our great high quality blender products.

The warranty is applicable provided the user operates the OMNI blender and the OMNI SHIELD Sound Box, according to owner-operator manual and user instructions given, and cautions and warnings made, in respect to all applicable components, parts, materials, and the labor required to repair and/or replace at the discretion of OmniBlender.COM, LLC to its working condition, covering the OMNI V 3 horsepower blender TM-800 A with either 1 jar or 2 jars package-purchases and/or if purchased as a package with the OMNI Shield, or the OMNI Shield Sound Box separately.

OMNIBLENDER.COM, LLC is not obligated to replace any of the items for a new one if it deems any applicable claim-qualified component in whole or part as repairable.

OMNIBLENDER.COM is not responsible for productivity related losses or losses occurred because the USER may have a down-time and/or not have the blender-usage during the time it takes to send the blender  and/or the part(s) to OMNIBlender.COM, repair it and return it to the Owner.

In order to be eligible for this Omni Blender V warranty, the owner/claimant has to document that he/she made the purchase from 123Vita, LLC and/or from OmniBlender.COM, LLC, or from its authorized dealer(s) in form of presenting the receipt.

No coverage over losses of commercial nature, the loss from use, any loss from the interruption of use, for shipping expenses, financial expenses,  loss or expense / liability from injury that 'may have' occurred during and/or from the use of any of our products and equipment sold directly or indirectly, and costs and/or liabilities arising from damage to and from the blender(s) and its components,  and/or from a warranty claim, are implied and/or expressed covered, made. This warranty in full and/or in part or in its entirety for its various components are valid where permitted by law. A portion thereof, if found invalid, does not invalidate the rest.

A requirement before a customer can receive warranty service is the TROUBLESHOOTHING by phone (801) 623-3225(801) 623-3225, email (, and/or by postal mail prior to sending the part(s) and/or blender to OMNIBLENDER.COM, LLC to 3505 Bay Court, Eagle Mountain UT 84005. OMNIBLENDER.COM will issue a return authorization for warranty repair. On USA-located blenders and components / parts, OmniBlender.COM will reimburse qualified warranty claim-associated shipping costs to customer after the warranty qualification has been verified physically (This is to prevent unnecessary user-down-time and return-abuse with the claim of a warranty). On Canada-located blenders and components, OmniBlender.COM will NOT cover shipping of the blender for warranty repair in any of the 2 directions from and to customer.

If a warranty claim cannot be verified, OMNIBLENDER.COM, LLC will not reimburse the owner for the blender or part shipping expenses. OMNIBLENDER.COM, LLC will only return the item to its rightful owner (return to the address it came from) at its own expense after the item has been repaired and it has been verified as a real warranty claim.

    CALL TOLL-FREE (801)-623-3225

Warranty Limitations

What will void and/or exclude Warranty Coverage?

Gray Import (not purchased at OMNIBLENDER.COM and/or its authorized dealers); abuse, misuse, dropping on the floor, blending non-edible items and things for purposes of which the OMNI Blender is not intended for, unauthorized modifications, altering, redesigns, attempt of repairs performed by the customer/user, and any other unauthorized use / actions of the covered OMNI Blender packages, will void the warranty.

220/240 volt OMNI blenders sold by OMNIBLENDER.COM are covered under the same above mentioned 7 years warranty as long as they remain in the United States of American and/or in Canada. A 2 years warranty will apply if shipped overseas, which is covered by the Manufacturer.

OMNIBLENDER.COM will not cover shipping expenses on product warranty in Canada or other foreign markets, and that in both directions of shipping.

The Plastic Tamper is not under warranty. This item does not break unless a user blends it up by not following the user and safety instructions as directed in the User Manual or in the Videos. However, if it is defective (broken apart at the weld), we will replace it within 30 days of purchase.

Components and accessories purchased from OMNIBLENDER.COM not in connection with the various purchase packages are covered according to the information available.

For more information of what may cover and/or void the warranty, and/or what operations activities may or may not be safe and/or cause damage to the equipment, and/or perhaps even bodily harm and property damage, see the Online and/or Hard-Copy Owners Manual.

Motor Warranty Limitation

The OMNI has a 3 horsepower motor that is optimized to run energy-efficient, ideal-strongest and most powerful while at the same time as quiet as possible, as cool as possible and still as strong as possible to blend up your ingredients into fine textured smoothies and sauces, soups or purees, equally well as with the much noisier and significantly more expensive competitors' blenders. And it uses / consumes significantly less power...

The motor comes with a 7 years warranty against defects. Excluded from that warranty coverage is however wear and tear. And wear and tear can be reduced or accelerated by the user. If you keep your work environment always clean and free of food or other debris and particles and free from water (in other words you blend only on a clean and dry counter top) and then you always wipe down the blender during and after blending and preventing water or food debris from getting sucked into the motor housing through the cooling vent areas, it will prolong the life of your investment. Food or Water sucked into the motor will void the warranty.

Should you make a warrant claim on a weak motor, rest assured, once we get the motor in, we will open up the motor housing and we can tell right away what may have caused a motor failure or weakening. Our motors are extremely durable and well built. They do not break very easily. In the past we have been somewhat compassionate and generous when replacing a motor. We believe that we need to be accountable for our part, our promise to you, and our customers need to be accountable for their part, which is taking good care of their investment if they want it to last. If you want to see more detailed pictures and how to take care of your blender, please click here.

Blade Warranty Limitation

The warranty of the Blade assembly is 1 year from the date of purchase (residential) - and 3 months for commercial use. This warranty is specifically designed this way due to rather often harsh abuse and use. Under most circumstances the blade is expected to last at least 2 years to 4  years. In most cases, 99.5% of the time, the blade lasts longer than 4 years. If your blade assembly seizes up within 12 months (1 year household use) - 3 months commercial use - due to a bearing defect (oil/grease running out because of a broken seal), we will replace the blade free of charge, ONCE. You do need to return the original blade to us in order to receive the replacement. Proof of purchase has to be presented. Blades need to be received by us prior to replacement. The customer needs to pay the cost of blade return shipping. (Estimated USPS cost for return is $ 2.10). We will then ship out a new blade assembly completely free of charge.

If your blade seizes after one year of blender use (from date of purchase), you may purchase the Blade assembly from us for the currently published cost. You may also call us at 801-623-3225801-623-3225 . The blade is on sale from time to time.

Warranty - related Blade Return

Customer must pay postage for the return of the blade to be shipped to 123Vita, LLC, 3505 Bay Court, Eagle Mountain UT 84005. Ship by USPS Package First Class. The blade weighs 5 to 6 ounces depending on your packaging (consider sharp edges when packing it up). USPS charges somewhere around $2.00 to $2.20. (We do not reimburse this postage fee).

Bearing Defect

In reality, the bearing in most cases is never defective. We have found that the blade bearing is normally damaged by the consumer due to use and/or incorrect or abusive kind of washing / cleaning practices. Blending water for prolonged time, cleaning in dishwasher, soaking the blade or soaking ingredients with water in the jar, leaving the jar with blade in the sink with a water puddle , leaving it wet turned upside down, taking the blade off constantly ... all those things and other uses are not good for the blade-shaft-seal. The shaft needs to turn freely 'extremely fast' about 36,000 RPM. Therefore the seal cannot be 100% attached to the shaft. The shaft seal is a heat-proof ceramic type seal. Once water penetrates the seal and enters the bearing housing it becomes the beginning of the end and little by little will deteriorate the bearings and the bottom outer-seal.

Blade Longevity Increase Suggestions

Because these blades are made from a special stainless steel alloy, they cannot rust on the outside. Please only use soft cleaning soap and nothing too harsh: Do not use chlorine based chemicals. Do not put into dishwasher. Do not soak water/liquid and ingredients inside the container, keep blade bearing away from water as much as reasonably possible. - see videos for cleaning suggestions.

Container Warranty Limitation

We are providing a 1 year container warranty against cracks and breakage, except for reasons of abuse, or near abuse, or wear and tear, and/or chemical experiments, or used inappropriately not as it was intended for (food blending). If during the 1st year of ownership from the date of purchase, the container cracks / breaks clearly visible, it is covered under full replacement warranty (see above Blade Warranty section for details of the Blade Warranty explanation). Visual verification is required.

An excluding reason would be if the user did not perform common-sense maintenance on the blade, by neglecting to make sure that the bottom plate (black) is tight so the blade sits tightly in the container where it is supposed to be. If the bottom plate is loose, due to the force of the blender and torque of the blade, the bottom of the container might crack, or cause a fine hairline fracture, just big enough to cause leaking.

Do not put in the microwave or into the dishwasher while on sanitation heating cycle! Don't put into dishwasher "PERIOD". The excess water can penetrate over time the ceramic seals inside the blade unit ... see BLADE ABOVE, and water stain will eventually, sooner than later attract food stains as well. Best just rinse with water and soap and then dry with paper towel.

If the container breaks for no reason within the 1st year of your purchase, we will replace it (without the blade) for free of charge. If the container breaks and is not covered under warranty, you may purchase the jar at the price of our cost plus shipping. Please call us to do so. Do not purchase online! Our phone number is: 801-623-3225801-623-3225 - If you want to replace the jar because it has so-called 'fogged up',and/or is unsightly to look at due to water and food staining and wear, you may always at your discretion purchase a new jar on our shopping page.

Drive Socket limitations:

The drive sockets at times can break due to excess force, torque or load and resistance build up in the container against the blade-turning / motor power. For example, a user might stick the tamper into the turning blade, or force the tamper down while ice or other rather hard and obstructive ingredients are built up on the bottom of the container right below the blades. In other words, if you pour concrete-alike ingredients into the jar and blend it, the resistance builds up and the energy travels to the weakest point, the drive socket, saving thus the motor from breaking.

The drive socket is designed to give / break on purpose to save the motor from breaking. Under normal blending conditions, the drive socket should last at least several years, if not longer. But if it breaks during the ownership of your blender during the first year of purchase, we will replace the drive socket free of charge. - Excluded is commercial use. The drive sockets could break more frequently with commercial use and therefore there is only a 3 months warranty on the drive socket for commercial use.

If the drive socket breaks due to abuse, you may purchase the drive socket from us at the price of our cost plus shipping - see purchasing area. The drive socket is under warranty for 1 year. Abuse means that the drive socket broke due to your fault. It is your fault, if you are using a jar with a blade that is defective and/or seizing up, or if you put an object into the jar for blending and it suddenly blocks the blender motor from turning. Please call us for that purchase. Do not place your order in the shopping cart. 801-623-3225801-623-3225 - See video to inform yourself about the drive socket installation procedure.

Transfer of Ownership (Total Transferable Warranty)

If the owner of the blender/equipment can proof that his/her blender has been purchased from 123Vita, LLC, or later from OMNIBLENDER.COM within the covered warranty time, OMNIBLENDER.COM will provide warranty service for the current owner, even after the blender may have been transferred to a new owner, for the full 7 years, or which ever is the correct warranty period (3 years prior to issuing our 7 years Warranty in February 2011).

7 Year Warranty

A 7 Years limited warranty applies to all purchases made after to February 1, 2011. Prior to February 1, 2011, a 3 years limited Warranty applies. The Warranty from blenders purchased from 123Vita, LLC carries over to OMNIBLENDER.COM, LLC and is fully assumed.

Commercial Applications of the OMNI Blender

Commercial use is excluded from the 7 years warranty. If a blender is used in any commercial environment, restaurant, and/or commercial kitchen, etc...the warranty for material defects and labor for the blender is 1 year; the blade assembly, container material, and drive socket is for 3 months, starting from the date of purchase after February 1, 2011. The sound enclosure cover box (aka Sound Cover Top) warranty for commercial use is 3 years.  UL limitations may apply. Other local restaurant and health and safety regulations may apply.

How do we know if a customer uses the blender commercially? Te always believe that a customer says the truth and acts responsibly and honest. By the time we get the subject blender / blade / jar, etc... in, we can see the kind of use and wear/tear that will help us understand if the blender was used in a commercial application (for example 50 or 200 times a day, or 1 to 4 times a day).

For more questions, please consult your User Manual, or contact us! See also Maintenance Videos.