Nuts or not, butters come in handy with your raw and freshly baked (or bought) bread. You can also use crackers, bought or dehydrated yourself.

Such a spinach or avocado spread can be healthful and does not have to necessarily consist of dairy products. And that is the purpose of making your own nut butters in the comfort of your home and knowing exactly what you put in.

Picture left, we are showing a bowl of avocado sauce or paste, which was not made with our blender. The looks and feel, and even the taste, surprisingly (at least in our opinion) of our Almond Spinach nut butter  was similar to the avocado dip.

The benefit of an avocado pit is somewhat in the guess work. There are several speculations and theories about it. Some people picked up the idea of blending avocado pits from the well known avocado flesh used in smoothies, salads, and sauces (guacamole). A avocado-pit smoothie, by the way, tastes horrible.

The Omni blender does pretty well blending up a fresh and moist avocado pit. We have not been able though, to locate  avocado-pit benefit proof which may have been peer reviewed and scholarly written scientific articles published in science journals.

Experimenting around with nut butters out of the favorite recipe book for raw smoothies (Deliciously Raw), we discovered a great substitute for avocado. Maybe nobody ever will need an avocado substitute. But that depends on if anyone might ever experience an avocado allergy. I guess anything is possible. For the fun of it you may try out the nut butter below and tell us what you think. Does it really taste like or at least close to a guacamole / avocado sauce paste, or whatever the heck that is?

My first personal Nut Butter blending experience


Avocado Cashew Nut Butter - with Spinach and Almonds instead...

Yes you heard me right. I used spinach to substitute avocado. Actually I didn't even know this was possible until my wife (she is Mexican) said that it tastes like avocado sauce or guacamole.

The recipe called for cashew nuts but I used almonds instead and put little bit too much garlic in... all by accident or disobedience to Carmella Soleil's recipe instructions.

So here we go, to those that might not be able to eat avocados that easily, you can make a sauce that looks like it and just about it tastes like guacamole.

I should have put more ingredients in it. But that would also mean more nut butter with garlic...a great avocado substitute.

Thanks for your comments.

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